The project aims to explore the nuances of language through a period of approximately 100 years, through examples of the written work of writers, poets and
journalists. With the selected subject – narrative of the woman character on print’, the content conveys various levels of information:

: The selected passage is a reflection of the socio-cultural milieu of the time period in which the work was published. Through the portrayal of the character, we can perceive the status, treatment and idea of the ‘woman’ during a particular time period.

: Being popular and accessible works these were read by the masses, and were a definitive influence of the time.

: External or foreign influences from world literature & philosophy are reflected.

: A pattern evolves in the style of language – it becomes a linguistics study.

: Lost words, letters and numerals are discovered as we read text through the time period.

: The meaning of certain words also changes as the historical context around it undergoes transformations.

: An understanding of the form & function of the Malayalam script.

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