It’s my biennale

Biennale is the Italian word for Biennial, which is generally used to describe an event that happens once in every two years. The term became synonymous with large-scale contemporary art
exhibitions after the Venice Biennale that was first held in 1895.

While biennale provides a platform for artists to showcase their talents at a World
Fair, for the host city, it is an opportunity to promote cultural
tourism.  It prompts both people and artists to contemplate about the idea of art co-existing in an urban space.

Such a thought materialized in the form of Kochi-Muziris Biennale ’12 – which is the first biennale to be held in the country. Credited with putting India on the international art map, the Biennale aims to brings together aesthetics of the modern Kochi and its legendary predecessor Muziris, an ancient seaport.

Over 80 artists collaborated for the past Biennale of 2012 that were showcased in Fort Kochi and Ernakulam. And now, over 94 artists from 30 counties have come together to make the second edition of Biennale a gala event. Film screenings, cultural programmes are all part of this fair that will be on till March 29, 2015.

An exhibition that  takes in much from the host city in terms of aesthetics, its colonial past, and a curious mix of cultures and practices, the biennale owes a lot to the city and its people. Fully justifying the tagline – It’s My Biennale!

An exciting time for developing city with graffitis and art works lighting up the streets, and hordes of art enthusiasts from across the world flocking to see the exhibits.

Ensuring full participation and support from the locals, the organizers waived away the entrance fee for Mondays. Bose Krishnamachari, President of KMB, said to a leading newspaper, “We have been keen to keep the biennale belong to the people, because it happens with the support of people from all walks of life.”

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